Brand identity

Sign Designing

The current sign of Panter is designed to show the feeling of delicacy, beauty, reliability, dynamism and unity among the various members of the company and products.

English sign

Persian Sign

Brand Slogan

Panter brand is a dynamic brand as a living creature that is continuously growing and evolving, and in every pass, it is a chanting resonance derived from the nature of its evolution, and now the slogan of the “emotion of stationery” is the choice for the nature of the role-playing of Panter.

English Slogan

Persian Slogan

We deeply believe that Panter evolution and persistence will serve as a guide for stationery industry and an honor for Iran by the companionship and support of Panter fans. We will be anxiously awaiting your valuable comments and suggestions, and we hope by the performance of Panter team, we would be able to take some steps to create a good sense for the inhabitants of the planet.